Monday, August 16, 2010

Skechers Shape-Ups Review

When I received a pair of Skechers ,my natural curiosity told me to put them on immediately.

Definitely not a regular pair of shoes and there is nothing to compare them to , outside of their league.

It is always best to start from the first step , paying close attention to one.

One can walk slower or faster , with shorter or longer stride , however there seems to be a pattern.

With every step one should take advantage over kinetic edge, soft foam , part of the midsole.

Stepping with the heel, compresses the foam , which acts as a shock absorber.

Each soft material has specific rebound rate . I found that while testing Nike Lunaracer.Trying to accelerate the process , diminishes the full rebound benefits. Paying attention to both shoes and own body, one can create a perfect cadence - a harmony in motion.

Once we roll from heel to midfoot, rebounding kinetic edge helps us go over the hump - the highest point in a cradle shape outsole. If we do it with grace , Shape-Ups and our body will move in perfect synchrony. Obviously , it is going to be a work in progress , as these shoes will make us aware about our own biomechanics .

Gradually we will recognize the importance of squared shoulders and relaxed posture. The really attentive folks will add breathing techniques while walking. Checking our own posture in store windows is something normal , as this is a part of initiation in the world of Shape-Ups.

Once I had them on , I noticed a certain discomfort while driving. Initially they feel like light bricks underneath our feet so precaution with driving is recommended. The adjusting period is rather short ,especially when we anticipate a change in our new shoes dimension.

Later on , round shape of the heel section helps to press pedals smoother(just like regular car racing shoes do).

My first walk was to the post office. Not nearly as much walking as standing. Here it hit me - one can have a ton of excuses not to exercise, but it is hard to avoid daily activity. If the regular activity becomes a bit challenging, without being a nuisance , we have a winner.

So my first impression was positive , although not ecstatic. You can walk, wearing Shape-Ups, which will help to correct the posture. Standing will allow rocking motion, further engaging legs and core muscles.

The true test came during long hours of working at Richmond Marathon Expo. I completely ignored a break in period, thinking that a really fit person, like me , does not need to worry about it.

After all , these shoes are for overweight , inactive folks , right ? Wrong...

Standing for 10 hours on a concrete took a significant toll.Although I am used to it, wearing Shape-Ups engaged additional muscle fibers. Back at the motel I felt like someone tenderized my legs with a stick.

I needed about three days to recover , but the recovery made my legs significantly stronger and my energy level was higher than before. Right then and there I realized a true value of this concept.

I still was a bit skeptical about quality of these shoes. What I needed to know was how several parts of upper shoe will hold together , what is a quality of the glue and how fast a stiff outsole wears out.

After 5 months of wearing these shoes , there is not a smallest problem with stitching, outsole looks like I was barely using them, glued parts are very much intact.

Some side benefits include negotiating rain puddles , being taller or simply attracting attention and many question.

During months of wearing Shape-Ups I was approached by many people , asking generally one question "do they work ?". I gave everybody my honest , positive opinion, feeling like a true Skechers spokesperson.

There is a room for improvement though. Since I wear orthotics and test many shoe inserts, I noticed that prolonged standing will cause discomfort for bottoms of feet.

At PGA expo , in Orlando , I was given a pair of glycerin injected insoles . Thick liquid moves slower than air , used in other insoles. The comfort was significantly improved and for now this is my suggestion , in regards to Shape-Ups.

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